Care Instructions

Care Instructions


We hope your lingerie always retains the glamorous look from the day of purchase. Please follow our care guide to keep them in optimal condition.


If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please email us at **** and we can advise the best way to care for your special pieces.



 Includes bras, garter belts, panties, teddies and other sensual intimates. 


  • Hand Wash in Cold Water Recommended

Gently hand wash delicate pieces in the sink using mild soap or small amounts of shampoo to ensure longevity. Machine washing may cause underwire distortion, tearing of fine lace, and damage to embellishments. We hope your lingerie lasts, so please handle with care.


  • Wash With Like Colors

 Please wash items of similar colors together to prevent dye transfer. Washing darks or brights with whites may cause discoloration if not washed separately. Loose dye from the manufacturing process could also stain other items. To maintain integrity, wash delicates with care and color compatibility in mind. 


  • Air Dry Out of Direct Sunlight 

 Do not tumble dry! To preserve quality, please avoid the clothes dryer. Instead, lay flat on a towel in a shaded spot. Hanging may cause elastic to overstretch and deteriorate. Opt for flat drying to keep lingerie in optimal shape.  


  • Do Not Wring, Press or Bleach


Avoid wringing, pressing or bleaching your delicates. These practices may compromise the fabric structure and coloration, leading to potential damage. 


  • Do Not Soak


To retain color vibrancy and avoid potential bleeding, fading or transfer, we advise against soaking intimates in soap or water for extended periods. Brief hand washing in cold water sufficiently preserves quality.


BDSM bondage  

  • Hand wash only with gentle detergent and cold rinse


Air dry, preferably in shade 

Handle and store with care



Includes chains, pearls, gems, lace trims, etc.

 These are delicate, handcrafted garments 

Please handle and store with care

Keep in a cool, dry environment