Building a More Sustainable Future

At My Elysianlace, we strive to create sensual products while protecting our planet for generations to come. We are committed to integrating sustainability across all aspects of our business.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Many of our fabrics are made from recycled plastic bottles or recycled nylon. By giving used plastics new life as apparel, we save raw materials, energy, and water while reducing greenhouse emissions. Our organic cotton range and recycled cashmere lines also have a lower impact by using fewer resources during production. We will continue expanding our use of recycled, renewable, biodegradable, and sustainably harvested materials.

Responsible Production

We conduct regular audits of our factories to ensure safe, ethical working conditions where human rights are respected. We have strict standards against using toxic chemicals or substances hazardous to the environment at any stage of production. We also work closely with vendors to identify opportunities to enhance efficiency and reduce waste in manufacturing processes. As we grow, we’re committed to maintaining transparency into our complex supply chains.

Reducing Waste in Packaging and Shipping

We use recycled paper for catalogs, tissue paper, shopping bags and folding boxes. Our garment bags contain plant-based materials and can fully biodegrade over time in landfills. We continue to research and implement innovative packaging solutions to drive down single-use plastics. Our shipping methods are optimized to maximize space efficiency and we avoid air freight when feasible.

Call to Action

True sustainability requires participation from all of us. We welcome your thoughts and ideas on how My Elysianlace can further reduce its ecological footprint: please DM us on social media or email Let us build a sensual world we’re proud to pass down.